Chongqing JiHua auction co. LTD

Chongqing JiHua auction co. LTD

Chongqing Ji Hua auctions limited company, it is to collect powerful transmission effect to recommend to each buy a country to choose art curiums through expert of appraisal of a class of country to buy, draw a line to build a bridge for collector, let value of 1000 art curiums be discovered and take seriously, be able to clinch a deal with high price on auction.

[Name] Sichuan Province double flag currency

[Specification] Weight: 25.9g Diameter: 42.66mm Thickness: 2.20mm

[Category] Coin


At the beginning of the founding of the Republic of China, due to the confusion of the currency system, the unified government currency minister Chen Jintao, the grand president of the Republic of China on March 11, the grand president of the Republic of China, Sun Yat-sen, drumming 100,000 yuan to commemorate the silver coin for rectification, so a large number of double-flag currency To replace the Qing Dynasty copper yuan. So in 1914, the copper yuan was officially renamed “copper coin”. The biggest difference between the copper coin issued by the Republic of China and the Qing Dynasty was that the dragon pattern was replaced by Jiahe pattern composed of rice ears. Moreover, the Republic of China has existed only for decades in Chinese history. During these decades, there have been constant wars at home and abroad. During the turmoil of the war era, the number of coins in this world is not impressive. It is not easy to keep it intact. .

This two-year double-flag currency of the Republic of China has a beautifully casted, well-decorated, deep-textured, textual specification. It is a fine coin cast in the second year of the Republic of China and has a very good collection value. On the one hand side of the coin, the face value of “贰百文” is written, and the Jiahe pattern consisting of book rice ears on both sides is on the top of the “中華民國二年on the next year, and the name “四川造幣廠造is written along the name of the factory. The flowers are separated on both sides. In the middle of the other side, there are two flags crossed and standing. The flagpole is curved and the double flag is straight and standing. It is located in the bead circle and the outer ring is engraved in English.

This currency has been baptized for centuries, and its appearance is natural rust. The mellow patina has witnessed the prehistoric charm of its sediment and the value of prehistoric civilization. It has a very significant historical transitional character. The years are rich and rich. The treasures that can be met are not available.


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