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[Name] Changhua Bloodstone

[Specification] Weight: 6.2kg

[Category] Miscellaneous


Bloodstone, China’s “four national stones.” Tongshoushan Stone, Qingtian Stone and Balin Stone are juxtaposed. The bloodstone and Tianhuangshi and Qingtian lighting frozen stones are known as the three stones of the Indian stone, and are mainly used as seals or craft carving materials.

The bloodstone is composed of two parts: “ground” and “blood”. It is generally believed that the mineral component of “blood” is mainly cinnabar. The ingredients of “ground”, such as Changhua Bloodstone.

The formation of bloodstone is due to the penetration of cinnabar (mercury sulfide) into the kaolinite, which is slowly formed in the open stone. The formation time can be the same as that of the fossil, so that the two natural blending gems are extremely rare at home and abroad. One kind. There are also some bloodstones that contain olivine pyroxene.

The composition of chicken blood is mercury sulfide, and the stone is dickite or kaolinite with a hardness of 2-3 degrees. Stones often have mercury spots and a small amount of quartz particles protruding from the stone surface. In addition to the main component of mercury sulfide, chicken blood contains a small amount of coloring elements such as iron and titanium.

The bloodstone contains cinnabar, (cinnabar), quartz, calcite, stibnite, dickite, kaolinite, dolomite and other minerals, and most of them contain sulfides of various components such as mercury sulfide and silicate minerals. The origin is different, the texture components are also different, but they are inseparable from the mercury sulfide component, and also the olivine component of ‘iron oxide’.

Changhua Bloodstone can be divided into four categories: frozen land, soft ground, fresh ground and hard ground. The frozen bloodstone is glass frozen, sheep fat frozen, horn frozen, peach frozen, etc., slightly transparent or translucent, and the hardness is 2-3. The hardness of soft ground bloodstone is 2-4. The bloodstone of Gangdi is the product of silicidation of kaolinite and alumite in later stage, and the hardness is 4-7. And this piece of bloodstone is (Changhua Gangdi) hardness is 4-6.


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